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What I Do

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What I Do

I'm all over the place, this is the place to get an all access pass to all the things and places.

Photo by  Ugur Akdemir .

Photo by Ugur Akdemir.

The Blog: My Bookshelf and Insights

I really like to read. So I review a lot of the books I read here. From children's books to inspirational true stories, I share the story and what I've learn from it. In words on the screen. If you're ever wondering what to read next, what your next adventure will be, this is the place for you.


Storytellers: Live and Learn, Podcast

Life stories. It's me ranting and sharing the stories of others about living life and learning along the way. It is the process of learning from every little thing in life while tackling the big stuff. It is sharing one person's life challenges and victories to encourage you while you live and learn. 


Felecia Efriann, the Author

I write about books, I talk about books, but I also write books too. This is the place to find all my published written work. As time goes on the variety of material available will expand. Have children and like to read, hang out here too.


Monat, Independent Market Partner

 I work with Monat to improve the health of my afro hair game. I like to be a part of the process of encouraging others to take good care of themselves. Monat goes far beyond hair, but it begins with hair and reaching #hairgoals. Invest in yourself, in this place.


Fabric Shop

my personal designs and doodles on eco-friendly fabrics.

Wael & Wyatt

My personal clothing brand. Coming Soon!


Hello I'm Felecia.

I am a Florida girl, born and raised here. I enjoy telling stories on all different platforms from blogging to clothing design. I enjoy a good story. I strive to be teachable, transparent, trustworthy, with a tender servant's heart. I'm all about encouraging others and watching their dreams become reality. I like to be a part of so many different things and meeting new people in various walks of life.