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Colossians 3:17 
"And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."

2018 Summer Reads

What to read? 

What should I read?

I own that book?

Every now and then, I come to a stalling point where I am staring at my bookshelf that is bursting with books and my dresser that is buckling under the weight of books, and wonder what should I read? As I thumb through my books, I realize there are books I own that I have yet to crack open and read. Do you have books like that on your bookshelf? I have quite a few, however, I'm not going to talk about all the books I haven't read yet. I want to discuss the books I did pick up this summer. These are a few books I actually read this summer. 

Can't Nothing Bring Me Down by Ida Keeling // I started running more this summer. I have no idea why I waited until the hottest months in Florida to pick up my running game, but I did. Ida Keeling's stories fro her life were interesting and encouraging. 

Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot by Mo Isom // I started reading this book after a conversation I had with a dear friend. A lot of the things we were discussing like Sex, Jesus, and the church, Mo Isom addressed in her book. I'm not going to disclose the details of the book, but I will say it is worth the read.

Adamant by Lisa Bevere // I started this book twice. I attempted to read it this spring, but other books I was reading won out. However, during the beginning of summer, I went through a You Version study based on this book with video clips, and so I picked up this book again to read it. It was worth it, it took me a little longer to read this book than her previous writings, in the end, what I gained from reading it was worth it. 

Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis // If you struggle with believing lies over truth, Hollis shares some of her wrestling matches with the truth over lies in her own life. It is a helpful breakdown of lies and truth that many women and girls face on a daily basis. It's a good read, I listened to this book while walking.

For A Limited Time Only by Dan Grittner // It a book that encourages you to live your everyday life to the fullest. It takes the time to break down the details of how much estimated time we have left on this earth and it addresses how to live it to the full and what it practically looks like. I'm all about living each day like it could be my last and not leaving for tomorrow what I can do today.

Walk On by Ben Malcolmson // A true story about one's man journey of pursuing his dream. Malcolmson has a never give up, never quit attitude about life that is encouraging and challenging. There are a few things I wanted to quit and give up this summer, so reading this book like throwing logs on the fire keeping the passion and pursuit alive in me. 


I haven't been reading much fiction lately. I'm still in my fiction writing mode, so the majority of the books I read are biographies, educational, self-help/motivational, and spiritual growth books. I'll be back to all genre of novels soon enough. Until then, enjoy these summer reads. Also, be aware For A Limited Time Only, is written by a friend of mine and y'all should definitely support him and grab a copy of his book.